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I feel like I should warn you…

Not really.  My Grandma feels like I should warn you.  I am just not that kind of person.

Here’s the deal.  I live waaaaay out in the woods.  My best friend, who’s been coming here since second grade, still gets lost.  My husband draws maps for people we like.

Anyway.  The road that goes by my house is marked at both ends with big signs that say things like, “TURN BACK” and “WE ARE HEAVILY ARMED AND SLIGHTLY INSANE.”  Or maybe they just say “Private Drive.”  Whatever.  So regardless of the implied threat and the lack of paved road, people are always cutting through my damn yard.

Recently, the county came out and, in a really impressive amount of time, built a whole new road about 10 feet away from the old one.  This was good, because presumably people would use the new road and I could stop worrying about getting outside in time to yell and throw things at trespassers.

The “problem” is that they cut my driveway off.  (This is not a problem for me.  As I may have mentioned before, Private Drive.  Now it’s super private – even I can’t drive on it.)

So, they cut my driveway off.  What used to be my driveway is now about a four foot drop off into an embankment which then turns into the new road.  Not a problem.  For me.  However, somehow the trespassers innocent people just driving along are MISSING the new road.  Just scootin’ right on by it.  To my driveway.  Which no longer exists.

My grandma wants me to put up signs.  I am thinking:

1. Possibly the road people should’ve thought of that?

2. I don’t need signs, because these idiots are only gonna have to go through here once before they figure it out, right?

3. If they ignored my “VICIOUS ZOMBIE DOGS WILL EAT YOUR FACE OFF” signs, they probably just can’t read.

I don’t know.  I’m still debating.  I could build a fence, but at the rate these fuckers are going they’d just drive right through it.  What do you think?  Is it my responsibility to protect illiterate and possibly drunk trespassers from themselves?  Do I need a sign?  And if so, what is a compelling message?  Maybe it should just be a picture.

If you need me, I’ll be in my shell.

I feel like this turtle today.  Except some slightly drunk people in canoes helped this guy out, and so far today I’m not seeing any drunk people.  Or canoes.  Dammit.  Where is karma when you need that bitch?

What? It still kind of seems like a good idea.

Conversation with my husband about glue traps:

*It might be helpful to know that the glue trap in question here is stuck facedown on my porch with a dead snake presumably still stuck on the other side.  Long story.  Suffice to say, I don’t like snakes in the house, and I make questionable decisions when under pressure.

Me:  It’s rained so much, we might be able to get that glue trap up.  But there’s still a snake under there, so…

Him:  That thing is never coming up.  I suggest we just paint over it.

Me:  Hm. (Not thrilled.)

Him:  We could just staple glue traps up, sticky side out, all over the outside of the house.  Paper the house in glue traps.

Me:  OH MY GOD! That would be good for spiders, snakes, ZOMBIES…..

Him:  (laughing)  That was a joke.

Me:   ….bees, Jehovah’s Witnesses….this is brilliant.

Him:  We’re not doing that.  You know that, right?

Me:  Hm.  (Not making any promises, mister.)


Me:  I decided that you are right.  We shouldn’t cover the outside of the house with glue.

Him:  Uh, yeah, I thought we already decided that.

Me: (closing the cabinet door so he can see the glue trap taped to the door, and the bowl stuck on it, hanging in the air.)  No, we didn’t decide anything, but I’m a reasonable person.  I’ve thought about it, and it’s a bad idea.  (bowl hanging next to my face.)

Him:  Reasonable!?  It’s not “reasonable” when you only agree with yourself!

Me:  Hm.

It’s a disinfectant kind of day.

It’s not even noon and I’ve been covered in a small human’s urine twice already.

This is motherhood, people.  Think on it.

I’ve got to go clean up after my cat, who has apparently decided that her litter box may only be used one time before she has to go in the floor to teach me a lesson.

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness, then I am currently living in the Devil’s asshole.

I can give the bird left handed, so there.

Oh Chronic Pain, you evil, sneaking, rotten bitch, how I loathe you.  My dinner sits uneaten because I can’t use my right hand.  What fresh hell is this?

It’s not enough that my bones hate me and plague me with random deep agonies Every. Single. Day?

It’s not enough that my skin burns for unknown reasons and requires me to put ice packs on my feet to fall asleep on those nights that I don’t have to immerse the bitches in boiling water to make my skin stop crawling?

It’s not enough that I lose at least a week out of every month lying in a darkened room, hoping someone will just shoot me or that my head will finally spontaneously combust?

Chronic Pain, you miserable slut, is it too much to ask for you to just pick one part of my body to torment?

*Please note that I realize there are worse things I could be saddled with, I am sincerely grateful for all that I have, and none of this shit I’ve got is going to kill me.  So everybody just calm the fuck down.

She got that class from her mother.

So my daughter is 4.  She occasionally does stuff and I’m like, What The Fuck?  Where did that come from?

Because, although you couldn’t tell it by my blog, we’re actually pretty strict parents.  Anyway.

She’s started doing this thing where she wiggles her butt and sings “shake it, baby.”  It’s a little disconcerting.  I could not think where she might have seen this.

Then I turned on my cleaning music today, and started shaking it.  Yep.

I think knowing all the words to California Love at just four years old shows great memorization and lyrical skills.  Not to mention all the exercise she gets “shakin it.”

For anyone unfortunate enough to not be hip to the 90s rap, here you are, and you’re welcome.

Limit four.

It turns out that the number of humans I am capable of keeping in some semblance of order is four.  That’s unfortunate, because after my three children and my husband, I make five.

This means that while my daughter went to school freshly bathed and brushed and wearing matching clothes, I worked in my pjs until about 15 minutes before I had to leave the house.

That was when I realized that although I had showered within the last week, I could not remember the last time I had attempted to brush my hair.  Which is long.  And thick.  And now partially in dreads.  Actually, that should be singular.  A dread.  I have one nappy snarled twisted mess right smack-ass in the middle of my hair.

My husband is now referring to me as Marley.  I’m not sure what the next step should be here, other than maybe hiding all his socks.  (Oh, wait, I already did that.  Ha.)

But seriously, I was under the impression that people cultivated dreadlocks, not that they just appeared if you maybe slacked off on personal hygiene for a few minutes months.

Clearly it is time for a new goal.   Actually, goals, while I’m at it.

1.  Stop eating so much damn pity pie.  Pity pie is NOT your friend.
2.  Brush your goddamn hair, you dirty hippie.
3.  Fuck it, that’s enough.  Those are pretty lofty goals; I’m worn out and a little hungry already.

Voicemail blows and I just realized I’m not sure what century it is.

I am starting a movement, and I expect my readers to get behind me on this (all 12 of you).

We are living in the 21st century (I think.  21st?  Does that sound right?  Whatever.)  Voicemails are old fucking news.  Effective immediately, we should all start completely ignoring them.  I’m a little ahead of the rest of you on this, but that’s because I got a pretty good head start (about 5 years).

Seriously.  No one ever leaves a chipper voicemail.  It’s all cranky bullshit, like “Call me back.  Click.” or “Please return my call.”  Fuck that.  I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.   Occasionally my husband will just leave fart noises, but that’s really as good as it gets.

If you call me and I don’t answer, I can pretty much guarantee that there is a reason.  Maybe I don’t feel like talking.  Maybe I don’t have cell service.  Maybe a purse monster ate my phone.  Maybe I’m in the bathroom.  Maybe I don’t like you, or I’m having one of those days where I hate everyone, including myself.  The possibilities are endless, really.

Anyway, leaving me 15 voicemails, each pissier (how can that not be a word?) than the last is NOT going to make me return your call.

I have caller ID.  We all do. 

For fuck’s sake, if it’s that important send me a text.  Or a pigeon.  I would totally reply by messenger bird.

Okay, enough ranting.  Now planning.

So, I hope you will all join me in my crusade to rid the world of this great evil, this guilt-inducing, joy-sucking government plot, this heinous OUTRAGE, The Voicemail.  (It even sounds bad.  Like blackmail.  Voicemail. Blackmail.  See?  I’m doing this for all of us.)

I need to borrow a mongoose. Immediately.

Initially, I thought honey badger, because as we all know, honey badgers don’t give a fuck.

But apparently they are illegal in the U.S. or some shit; although, whoever is in charge of stopping me from smuggling in non-fuck-giving animals is probably out of a job right now, so I bet I could pull it off.

I’m kind of scared though.  After thinking about it (you’re welcome, Gus) I decided that a honey badger in the house might be more scary than a snake.  Or snakes.  Which is what we currently have.

Goddammit!  I live in the country because I don’t like people.  I did NOT issue an open invitation to anything poisonous, scaly, creepy, slithery, or slimy.  Basically, unless you are a dragon or a cat, you are not welcome here.

And the cat is fast wearing out her welcome.  I’d like to know just what the FUCK she is doing when she’s dashing all about the house like she’s got super important shit to do, when I’m on the couch and a snake can just blatantly slither up to me.  Where was LeeLoo The Vicious Moth Killer and Protector of the Realm then, huh?  Sitting on her ASS.  Much like when a lizard got in my bedroom, and she PURPOSELY ignored my cries for help.

I don’t know.  I’m being overrun by nature’s most disgusting creatures right now.  I need some tips, or to borrow a mongoose.

There’s an app for that….

As you know, assuming you’ve been reading this blog religiously, as you should be, I have been going through some dietary changes.  I’m going to refer to this as the Foodpocalypse.  Because it fucking sucks and, also, because I can.

Anyway.  I’ve been looking at apps on my phone to help me determine just what the fuck is in the food I eat, in an effort to stay alive and not be so damn hungry.

In my app search I have NOT found anything useful.  I have found some very disturbing apps which I am going to list here, because I am bored good at sharing.

1.  Massager.  By Hooha.  I don’t think I need to explain this one.

2.  How To Get Pregnant (Here’s a tip, if you’re using your phone on your hooha, you’re doing it wrong.)

3.  Am I Fat?  Seriously?  You need an app for that?

4.  App of Death “The test performed does not indicate that you’ll die…it’s just a prediction….stay calm.”  O-kay.

5.  How to Grow Taller  This one is by the same person who also knows How to French Kiss, How to be a Hipster, and also How to Call in Sick.  A certifiable very knowledgeable person, this one.

Gotta run.  App of Death just finished downloading, so I may or may not be back later.

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