5 Ways to Tweet Yourself Single

I’m over at The Indie Chicks today talking about social media and relationships. Because we all know I give great advice.


And, while you’re there, check them out and don’t forget the campaign that’s going on now. You can donate as little as $10 to keep them on the shelves!

indichick print


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5 responses to “5 Ways to Tweet Yourself Single

  • Michelle

    Hubs was talking about your article at lunch today..he really liked it….I said..Yeah! That’s Steph from We Don’t Chew Glass….

    He just looked at me with a blank expression. It’s like he doesn’t even know all these people that I don’t know at all but talk to all the time.


  • Tempest Rose

    I commented on the actual article, but I wanted to give you some love here, too.

    I have a friend-couple who CONSTANTLY post about their problems on Facebook. They have three kids (one is both of theirs — two are hers but practically his), live together, are “engaged” but seemingly break up every week. And then they never post their makeups — all of a sudden things are just normal again and they’re “checking in” at the bar together. I don’t get it. Don’t people realize the internet is permanent? There’s a good chance their kids will be able to one day see all of the horrible things they post about each other.

    The last time they did it, I commented and said something along the lines of “Not to be rude, but it might be better if you actually talked to each other about this. Social media only makes things worse.” The woman attacked me and my life, bringing up things that happened 5 years ago. Then she messaged me to say how sorry she was. I stay out of it now.


    • Steph

      Oh my, yes, you can never address their idiocy or they’ll just get super pissed. If anyone on my friends list who does these things reads the article, I bet I get unfriended! Ohwell. 😉

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