I need to borrow a mongoose. Immediately.

Initially, I thought honey badger, because as we all know, honey badgers don’t give a fuck.

But apparently they are illegal in the U.S. or some shit; although, whoever is in charge of stopping me from smuggling in non-fuck-giving animals is probably out of a job right now, so I bet I could pull it off.

I’m kind of scared though.  After thinking about it (you’re welcome, Gus) I decided that a honey badger in the house might be more scary than a snake.  Or snakes.  Which is what we currently have.

Goddammit!  I live in the country because I don’t like people.  I did NOT issue an open invitation to anything poisonous, scaly, creepy, slithery, or slimy.  Basically, unless you are a dragon or a cat, you are not welcome here.

And the cat is fast wearing out her welcome.  I’d like to know just what the FUCK she is doing when she’s dashing all about the house like she’s got super important shit to do, when I’m on the couch and a snake can just blatantly slither up to me.  Where was LeeLoo The Vicious Moth Killer and Protector of the Realm then, huh?  Sitting on her ASS.  Much like when a lizard got in my bedroom, and she PURPOSELY ignored my cries for help.

I don’t know.  I’m being overrun by nature’s most disgusting creatures right now.  I need some tips, or to borrow a mongoose.

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