So. I’m back and stuff.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around the internets lately. One of my favorite people ever in the world noted a general “lack of hilarity” (just one of the reasons that she is on my List of Very Favorite People).

I had to take a break.

A break from writing, from life, from work, from the internet, from everything. My battery was low and needed recharging. There are a lot of ways to say it, but basically I just needed to get away from everything for a bit and gain some perspective.

My health-o-meter is back up into decent digits and my cup of hope is overflowing. I’m also full of weird, random metaphors. Or similes. I get those confused.


I feel peaceful and mostly sane and those are two things I do not take lightly.

I missed you guys with a fervor you would probably find frightening. I feel almost like you all broke up with me and it’s been all I could do not to drunk dial you at 2 a.m.  Minus the drunk and the dialing because I don’t drink and also I don’t know your number.

So, that’s it. I just wanted to say I’m back and I’m better and I missed you. Yes, you. Every one of you.


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I like words. I suspect I would like sanity, but I really have no way of knowing. I can be reasonable, but not often. View all posts by Steph

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