Search Term Tuesday

The title is a little misleading.  Mostly because it is not Tuesday, but partly because I don’t intend to make this a habit.

These are some things that people searched for on the internet. Google,in their infinite wisdom, led them to me.

Now, you might assume that someone searching for “woman who doesn’t chew” or “do not eat glass” or “HYSTERICALLY FUNNY BLOG” would find their way here.

No.  Not so much.

Instead, people search for things like this:

norman reedus chewing — I’m sure those people were very disappointed to find me.  Or maybe not.  Norman and I are super tight.

when to go to emergency room iud — Oh, shit.  I should probably say that I am not qualified to dispense medical advice.  I can’t even pee right.

degenerate glass monkey — You mean this pervert?

there is no life before coffee cat — Hm.  True, but not true.  Maybe this?  I agree about the coffee, but I don’t know where my cat’s asshole comes into it.

dark face doberman — I am just so sorry that brought you to this post about being ear-raped by a dog.  So, so sorry.

my grandmas dresser drawers — You may not have intended too, but you ended up at one of my best posts.

joke on “i’ll take it from here.” — Me bragging about my best post.  Probably not what you wanted, but Charlie Sheen makes everyone happy.

I hope you enjoyed the first and final installment of Search Term Tuesday.  I’ll probably be back around the weekend with stories about the zoo, hotel swimming pools, and road trips with a family of five.  Got any tips?  I need all the help I can get.  I know Angelle advises carrying a bedpan for emergencies. 


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